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Crypto Industry Celebrates 11th Anniversary of First Official BTC ...
2010, Florida Man Laszlo Hanyecz spent 10,000 BTC at Papa John's pizza for the purchase of two pizzas. The transaction became known as the first

Bitcoin Pizza Day: Celebrating the Pizzas Bought for 10,000 BTC
Bought on 22nd May 2010 by Laszlo Hanyecz, the programmer paid a fellow Bitcoin Talk forum user 10,000 BTC for two Papa John's pizzas.

Bullish? Bitcoin Whales With More Than 10,000 BTC at an All-Time ...
The number of bitcoin whales holding at least 10000 coins in one address has dropped to an all-time low, suggesting a more decentralized

10 Years On, Laszlo Hanyecz Has No Regrets About His $45M ...
Laszo Hanyecz's 10000 BTC pizza buy 10 years ago has a special place in bitcoin folklore, highlighting, however expensively,

10000 Bitcoin to Polish Zloty - 10000 BTC to PLN
10000 BTC to PLN converion using latest Fx Rates. Ƀ10000 Bitcoin to Polish Zloty zł conversion online.

Record-Breaking 10,000 BTC Sell Order Filled on OKEx
According to the latest data from TradingView, a major trading volume spike has appeared

The World's First Bitcoin ETF Now Holds 10,000 BTC - Decrypt
The Purpose Bitcoin ETF launched last week and is off to a successful start with over $624 million under management already.

What does the increase in the number of bitcoin addresses having ...
What does the increase in the number of bitcoin addresses having 10,000 BTC signifies? Andrew Smith; June 26, 2022; 10:00 pm. Share on facebook.

Meet the Man Who Spent 10,000 BTC on Two Pizzas ...
In 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz spent 10000 Bitcoin on two pizzas, a sum worth over $90000000 today. CMC spoke with him as its latest Crypto Titan.

10000BTC (@10000_btc) / Twitter
早上好。来点大尺度美女养养眼。 更多的时候,要看的长远一点,BNX. 在第一次到达199美金的时候,预言会跌,然后就卖了。奈何第二天一下子冲到220多。然后就站了山岗。
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